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Singapore, a cosmopolitan city that brings together the cuisines of various countries. In 1993, a young man, Alan Voo, with full ambition, began his first step to chase his dreams by followed Master Yan (Hong Kong famous roasting master) to Hong Kong to learn all the skills of Hong Kong cuisine. Alan Voo start up his first restaurant in Kuala Lumpur name [Hong Kong Kitchen] and get famous in short time.

[Delicious, is just nice]

[Gam Tong]--The molasses should be mellow. To control the fire and time of the fried sugar, stir up the golden sweet and not blackened molasses. Therefore, the golden sugar is the pursuit and persistence of quality, without chemical and artificial flavors. Ingredients, unique recipes, inherited authentic Hong Kong-style tea restaurant specialties and local cooking techniques

Our Mission

To cultivate Hong Kong food culture. Bring happiness to customers by provide delicious food, and treat them humanely. Serve authentic food to tease customers’ taste buds and interact with them sincerely while listening to their comments with the hope of satisfying them. Assist well-performed employees in joining our enterprise, and fulfil their dream of setting up their own business.

We Serve Catering

Serve up to 50+ dishes. Serve to your place. For Wedding, Event Party and any Celebration